My weekly insurance business review Sept. 28th-Oct 4th 2020

I am writing this post in a hotel outside of Fargo, North Dakota. My practice of life insurance has hit home this week and this is a challenging post to write. I have had to help my wife and family with my father-in-law here in the Mid West (Fargo North Dakota-Moorhead Minnesota area) who was at an advanced age and ill. He passed away around family and friends. He lived a full life, and touched many people, and "Grandpa Jack" will always be with me and my family. Before he died, he was able to have a very good conversation with most everyone, it was a few days before he went to sleep and quietly passed away. Many things have gone through my mind during this time, and I wanted to share them with you after having some time to reflect. I don't want this to sound dreadful, but rather, positive, and that is how Jack would have wanted it. Here they are: The important things that seem of value, go right out the window, when you talk to a family member that is dying. Things like how much money you are making, what kind of car you are driving or how much "stuff" you have. Everyone has a different approach of handling death. Your presence is all that is needed. I realized having a plan in place helps, especially for family after the family member passes away. The burden of funeral arrangements, obituaries, memory boards and other details should be in place before the person passes away. Everyone doesn't always make it to see the person before they die, and that is okay. Hospice and home health aides are probably the nicest people you will ever meet. They have a difficult job, and keeping a patient comfortable is their main job. Related to #1, sweating the small stuff goes away. It just seems unimportant and not of any real meaning. Quality of life is something to be grateful for. Walking, talking, being free of pain and disease, mental clarity. All of these things make your life, a life worth living. Related to #7, reflection on what to be grateful about. For me its family, friends and contributing meaningful value to those around me. Feeling relief is okay. To see someone in pain especially a family member is tough, and feeling okay that they are in a better place is okay too. I am in a better position to understand how people and families handle the death of a loved one better, and although not easy, I am thankful to be part of Jack's life. I hope this was not to dramatic. It was meant to capture my feelings and hopefully help someone else that might have (or will be) in that position. Looking ahead, I will be back in Arizona Tuesday (today), and getting back to work to catch up and look toward the Medicare Annual Open Enrollment period. I will be stationed at the San Tan Valley Walmart from October 15th to December 7th, helping people with Medicare questions. More on that next week, have yourself a great day!


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