My weekly insurance business review Dec 14th-20th

The photo above, is actually not a stock photo, it is outside of Florence, AZ. I had a client meeting out that direction and took the photo just before sundown. As I mentioned in my post last week, I am looking for a location for my health insurance booth, I have a few locations narrowed down, and going into the new year hope to have something put in place by the beginning of January. Even with Christmas just around the corner, I had a busy week getting follow up meetings with clients and some end of the year preparations for all of the "paper" that accumulated. There have been a few changes to the way I do things over the past year, and one of the tools I am most proud of is my own "Client Helper Worksheet". This is a one page form I use during every introductory meeting to gather details about client health, finances, goals etc. Before this, I was using several different forms, and combining them into one file. As you can imagine, this creates quite a mess of papers to keep track of. So I honed it down to just a single one page (front and back) that contains everything I need to know to find the best company, rates and policy benefits for anyone, for any type of insurance. All of my client papers are housed in a locked file cabinet by the way. So going into 2021, this will help a lot, to manage and reduce client papers to just a single sheet. Everything else is entered into a secure portal at the time of the application process, housing any private or confidential client information. Question of the week I have some health issues, what is the most affordable option for life insurance? This is a great question. Because most of the marketing and advertising you see is targeted to the most healthy people in the market looking for life insurance. But what if you have diabetes, or had some health issues in the past? Does that mean you will not be able to get life insurance, and will it be expensive? The answer is you can likely find life insurance, and the rate will depend on some factors such as: How long have you had the health issue(s)? What kind of medications are you taking? What is your age? Most likely, term policies will be difficult to get, unless your health issue is very minor. So, most of the policies available will be whole life. A good conversation to have at this point is what amount of coverage do you need in (dollar amount), and how much can you BUDGET. With a clear picture of your current and past health, we can match your individual situation with the right life insurance carrier and submit an application. This doesn't mean you are accepted for a policy, but with our expertise we can find the carrier that is MOST likely to accept your application for coverage. After that, it is up to you to determine if it is something that is going to be a fit, and if you want to proceed with the policy. I will be back next week with the LAST post for 2020! Have a great rest of your week until then!!


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