• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

The easy and hard work of prospecting- Weekly insurance business review Jan 18th-24th

Technology has made it easier and harder than ever to communicate with prospects.

Although everyone has a mobile phone, if I call 100 people, less than 10 will actually answer the call. Most phone calls go to voicemail. Of those voicemails, less than 1% will call back. Out of 100 people, I will never reach by phone, over 50 of those people, EVER.

Text messaging is better. If I send 100 text messages, I will get about 30 that will respond to me, but of MY replies, 5% will engage in a conversation.

Clients that have email, read my messages on a regular basis, with about 30-40% of those people opening and reading my email, but fewer than 1% of those that open my message, respond back to me.

I send a monthly newsletter by regular mail, to clients and some prospects, however I don't have any idea how many read it or even open my mail.

I post current content of Facebook with a mixed sort of results based on who views the message. Most of the content is reference material, and a way to keep visible in my area in the East Valley.

The reason I am mentioning all of this, is because people respond in different ways, to different forms of media. Within the bounds of my business budget and time, I have focused on these methods to stay in front of potential clients, and to have resources available for my current clients if they need it.

I can't predict how many people will respond to any given marketing or prospecting effort, but if I keep enough lines in the water, I know I will find people that have a current need for my services.

My strategy is to do these marketing activities in a non-threatening way, in order get people to know who I am, and leave the door open for future contact.

That's all for this week, we will see you next time!!