• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

Getting the third degree by a skeptical client -Weekly insurance business review Jan 11th-17th

During the past week, I worked with a NICE, but skeptical client, keep reading to find out what happened.

She was UPSET... and SKEPTICAL!!!

Rightfully so. I don't blame her. There appears to be a lot of deceptive, arm-twisting style phone calls being made to some seniors here in the East Valley.

According to the client I had a visit with last Tuesday, she received a phone call in which the person insisted on coming over to her house, even though she told the telemarketer 4 times she didn't want anyone at the house due to COVID-19. She hung up!

She ended up calling ME about this, because she related the story to her friend, who was also my client, and that person referred her to me. The call was long...I had to do a lot of listening.

After an earful for about 15 minutes, I mentioned I could help her out, and do everything over the phone and email and there was no real need to meet in person.

Unfortunately, the damage was done by the previous phone salesman, and I was under the microscope, even though her friend referred me. She wanted to know EVERYTHING about me!

The good news is, I have a lot of material to share. She was savvy with email so I was able to share information about myself, my license details and other clients I've worked with.

I've also got some pictures and case studies on my Facebook page, and a record of my work on this blog. It was not a harsh interaction, but she definitely did her homework and wanted to make sure I wasn't just another life insurance telemarketer.

The result...

Although we have not finalized a policy yet, she was pleased at the information I provided, and it has kept the door open for future business.

I believe the days of badgering, begging or just forcefully trying to wedge your way into a potential clients home for the sake of the appointment, should die or go to the wayside.

Because of this, and other similar interactions, I have started a process to help people comfortably do business with me, in a non-threatening way.

Technology makes it much easier for potential clients to do business, and my task this year is to upgrade this site and my other platforms related to health insurance with tools that make the interactions simple, and easy for seniors to use.

That's all for this week, see you next time!