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My weekly insurance business review Oct 5th-Oct 11th 2020

This week I was able to continue getting ready for the Medicare AEP (annual enrollment period). In a previous post, I mentioned I was getting prepared to help people find ways to save money or get better benefits with Medicare.

I am uniquely able to do this since I have created relationships with many top carriers for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. As with life insurance, I am able to find the plans that best fit the client's needs and budget.

Preparation for this kind of work takes some time and energy, since each company has us go through several hours of training, to be able to sell their products, and that is what I did for probably 50% of my time this week.

The rest of my time this week was spent helping out a few clients and following up with a particular case that allowed me to help someone who lives far out, essentially in the middle of nowhere in southern Arizona.

It was a simple case of finding the right coverage for their family, and clearing up some misconceptions about life insurance that were preventing them from getting a policy before I contacted them.

The life insurance misconceptions included:

  1. "A life insurance policy was going to be very expensive, over $500 per month." It turned out I found a policy for less than $100 per month.

  2. "Life insurance is cheaper from St******" The good news is, using my online portal system that shops all the major carriers, we found the best priced policy that had a few additional benefits tailored to their family which just are not found on most life insurance carriers. The added benefit was the policy was less costly than St******.

  3. "You must have to come out and visit with us to get a policy put in place." All of the application process was conducted via phone, and was able to be completed in about 30 minutes online from start to finish. No in person visit needed. Since these clients lived so far out, it would have been impractical for me to visit them in person.

The end result was another happy family, that gained an affordable life policy, and now an agent that can help them in the future. All in a day's work!!

See you next week.



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