• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

My weekly insurance business review Oct 26th-Nov 1st 2020

A whirlwind week, a lot going on. The beginning of the week I spent a lot of time taking a look at the new Medicare Advantage plans, to help find the right fit for several clients.

One of the plans offered a free gym membership, which was very appealing to a client. For another, the low total out of pocket cost per year was an attractive feature.

Medicare has developed into many, many choices. My job is to help find the right fit. Everyone has different needs, and for those that match with the benefits of the Medicare Advantage plans, they offer some excellent perks that can't be found in original Medicare or Medicare supplements.

Later in the week, I was able to help people in a couple of instances with prescription drug plans or "PDP's". There are many factors to consider when selecting a plan D, and they involve the following:

  1. What kind of medications you take, the dosage, and the frequency.

  2. How you like to get your medications. Either from a pharmacy, mail order etc.

  3. Future possible need. Such as the possibility of new medications from a new health condition.

From these factors, I can find a plan that will be the lowest cost. It will determine based on your information, which plans will result in the lowest out of pocket cost to you.

As a broker, I can find the best plan, given your current situation. Right now as of this writing there are about 35 different plans in the Arizona market, give or take, and depending on the county you live in.

Finally, as I wrapped up for the week, we had Halloween, and a pretty good turnout of kids at our house. We put a tray of candies out in front of our house by the sidewalk, and by the end of the night the trick-or-treaters had taken all of the candy.

That is all for this week, see you POST election!!! Get out and vote!!