• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

My weekly insurance business review Oct 19th-25th 2020

Rejection is hard. One of the ways I use to get in touch with people is to simply call leads

(which are people) that have expressed some interest in insurance of some kind.

You would think this would be EASY to do, but it isn't always the case. People forget that they sent in a lead card, or put a request in the system to have someone get in touch.

In today's age, people don't answer the phone as much as in the past. So just getting in touch with someone to deliver your message is more difficult. The same for email. People get all kinds of spam and the message gets ignored.

Once I do get in touch with someone, the reactions vary WIDELY. From mild happiness to downright nasty. And that's okay. My approach is non-threatening, if someone is not interested, I don't ask "why" or press for details, I simply thank them for their time and go on to the next person.

That is how this week has gone. I worked 3 days calling people and 3 days meeting and presenting plan options. In between this time I spent learning about a few new life insurance plans, and updates in Medicare for 2021.

I was happy to help several clients with Medicare, and one person in particular that has quite a few health issues, but no supplement or Advantage plan. He was paying out of pocket for many items that we found could be covered in a Medicare Advantage plan. It was simple to get him enrolled and he was very grateful.

I will be in touch next week, have a great day!