• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

My weekly insurance business review Oct 12th-18th 2020

A good week of activity for sure. As we move along in the AEP (annual enrollment period) I was able to have some very good follow-up appointments and enrollments for customers into a variety of Medicare plans along with my normal life insurance cases.

Here are a few highlights of what I was able to do:

I helped a client with just Medicare part A and part B, go to a Medicare Advantage plan that will provide better benefits, with $0 premiums and some basic dental, vision and prescription drug benefits. His current doctor is in the coverage network, as well as his pharmacy for drugs.

I provided an outline of some basic life insurance benefits to a client who thought getting coverage with diabetes and an amputation was impossible. I was able to fit him with a small final expense policy and direction on getting better coverage for prescription drugs.

Finally, in another instance, I was able to help a client get into an excellent Medicare supplement, with no underwriting, and a top A+ rated carrier.

A busy, but GOOD week. I look toward the coming weeks as busy every day, including weekends. See you later.