• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

My weekly insurance business review Nov 16th-Nov 22nd 2020

This week began with continued enrolling of people into Medicare plans, and casework involved in finding the right prescription drug plans for clients. These are called "part D plans" in Medicare.

In the video below, I highlight a client I was able to help save $600 per year on just one prescription.

Finally, I want to share another video below. Love or hate president Trump and/or the current state of government, there have been some major changes to help diabetics get lower priced insulin this year.

Further, more changes are coming to reduce issues with high drug prices in general. There appears to be some dispute as to how this is going to happen, but the general plan seems to be to eliminate some of the "middlemen" involved in prescription drugs, which will lower the overall costs.

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