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My weekly insurance business review Dec 7th- Dec 13th

T'was The Night Before Christmas...Not an insurance prospect was stirring...

I had a full week of getting some cases wrapped up for Medicare AEP, followed by a LOT of phone calls to get in touch with people before Christmas.

That is where the week got challenging. It was very difficult getting someone on the phone to talk to them, let alone set up an appointment. Out of 100 phone calls over 3 days, I bet I actually talked to 4 people.

ZERO appointments.

So I switched tactics and started sending out follow-up email messages, with some minor luck, and by that I mean nobody reported me for spamming. 😀

However, I still managed to get a couple of follow-up phone calls for Medicare, from a prior client I worked with earlier this year. This resulted in a Medicare Advantage policy that will start in January.

I chalk it up to holiday's. At least that is the excuse I am going with. 😁

Health Insurance

On another subject, I completed more training on the ACA (Affordable Care Act) this week and am back to scouting locations here in the East Valley for my "Health Insurance Helper" kiosk.

My idea is to tie into the Healthcare.gov website, and allow my clients the ability to enroll in the ACA with my assistance. Along with that, I will be able to guide them to choices not available on the ACA. I envision a kiosk in a high traffic location, with easy access for customers and clients to information on health insurance, Medicare and life insurance.

Client Newsletter

You can see a copy of my snail mailed, Christmas client newsletter, at the link below. I hope you enjoy it and we will see you next week!

November December Client Newsletter 2020
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