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What it's like to be a Life Insurance Advisor- A day in the life...

I put a Facebook video post up a few days ago about a situation I had with a client, (just click on the picture above to see it).

In short, I talk about a typical day in the life of an insurance advisor, at least what my day is like.

I wanted to elaborate about that, so keep reading, because you might find it interesting, or at least give you an idea about how I go about helping clients if you are looking for a life insurance advisor in Chandler, AZ or anywhere in the East Valley.

How I started

A little background about me, I am a transplant from North Dakota, and after a life in the sub-arctic zone, a few years ago we decided to sell our home, businesses and migrate to the sunny desert of Chandler AZ.

Although we have not fully adjusted to the scorching heat of summer, we love it and look forward to a lifetime in the valley.

My goal was to get into a business that would allow me to create real, lasting impact in someone's life, and a friend suggested the insurance business. I thought that would be a great idea, and plunged head first into the swimming pool of life insurance.

Here is what I learned about being a life insurance advisor!

Like anything else in life, the 80%-20% rule is in effect as a life insurance advisor. I spend 80% of my time trying to find people that are willing to at least visit with me via phone, Zoom or in person (with COVID-19 safety measures of course).

This involves calling leads that we gather from a variety of sources, followed by a way to get their attention to let them know what value I can put forth, that will help THEM.

This could mean I have to talk to 30-50 people or more per day to find a few people willing to talk to me.

That is the hardest part of what I do, this is the 80% of my job. Because a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth from an experience from a salesman, representative, broker, agent, advisor or producer.

These are interchangeable terms given to people in the insurance industry, who have a variety of skills and training ranging from near non-existent to professional expert. This also goes for moral and ethical practices. Unfortunately, if they did a bad job, it makes my job much more difficult.

I like the term life insurance advisor, because for me it is a true reflection of what I do. I take the approach that is non-sales and no pressure. I believe that if I have done my homework and have found a true solution to your problem, you are in the position to make the decision and no heavy handed tactics are needed.

Back to the 20%

I take the 20% part of my profession very seriously, I think it is FUN!

It is the work involved in finding the right policies, at the right price, that fit your health and budget. For me this is the fun part. My goal is to find a policy that fits so well you will never want to give it up or make a change.

I have assembled a great team of mentors that have assisted me in this area, and I believe I have the best selection of policies in town. From major, BIG names, to small, specialty carriers. Along with that I have added pre-need policies, Medicare plans and dental policies.

My goal is to be able to provide a wide range of plans, to give you the best options. As an advisor role, this qualifies me as a life insurance broker.

What my day is like

5-7:30am- Most days start early, since the east coast companies I represent are open, and it is a great time for me to review client cases, make policy changes or adjustments and fire off some emails.

7:30-8:00am- Breakfast, usually a light meal with some water and caffeine to keep me going.

8:-11:30am- Either prospecting via phone, email, social media or in person visits. Setting appointments and following up with people. I have specific days devoted to this, while others are client appointment days.

11:30-noon- Lunch, again on the light side, with some lemonade.

Noon-4:30pm- A repeat of the morning.

4:30-6pm- Family time/supper

6-9:30pm- Possible client meetings, or client case work or training. There is a huge amount of online training for life insurance advisors to keep current on. At this time I usually focus my time on putting illustrations together and sending out mail if needed.

9:30-till late- Free time and bedtime

After a full day, I repeat the same thing. At the end of the day I hope to have helped someone get into a better position financially, and/or put money back into their pocket.


This is a rewarding and enjoyable career for me. I am looking to help as many people as possible, and believe that I can do this effectively using old and new methods to reach people just like you!


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