• John McTighe-Life & Health Insurance Expert

Better life insurance rates with your good health

Hello. If you are in good health- no heart attacks, stroke, cancer, COPD or diabetes, and generally live a healthy lifestyle, keep reading.

We could help you save a lot of money on your term, universal or whole life insurance policy.

Maximize the amount of protection you

can get for the minimum cost

  • "Simplified Issue" life insurance plans are easy for life insurance sales people to sell, and you might have one. If you are not sure, we should visit.

  • If you have one of these "Simplified Issue" plans, they can be much MORE expensive for healthy people because you are grouped together with those that are NOT healthy, and you pay for it with higher premiums.

  • Take a look at our web site to learn more about my local insurance company, or just click on the image below to get your quote today. There is no obligation and no phone number needed to get your quote.